Hey there! I hope you had a nice weekend and your week is off to a great start. Here’s a recap of our weekend:


My goal last week was to run/walk a total of 10 miles. This was a pretty big goal I set for myself (because I’ve never covered that much distance in a week before). I’m so proud to say that I ran/walked a total of 10.2 miles last week! I ended up working out 6 days last week. I alternated 21 Day Fix strength workouts with running. It felt great, but I really enjoyed my rest day on Monday.

My running goal is the same for this week: 10 miles. I just plan to take less walk breaks. My other planned workouts are: strength training on non-running days. This week my strength workouts are going to be full body weights with HIIT intervals between sets.


We spent a lot of time outside this past weekend. “S” loves being outside. She especially loves playing in her water table. Oh, she also loves helping me water our vegetables and plants too. Speaking of plants, over the weekend some of our fruits & vegetables started getting buds. Our red peppers are really taking off (although one of the peppers looks like a jalapeno which is planted next to the red peppers, hmm):


IMG_3830Our lavender getting pollinated.

I never thought I’d be that into “gardening” (I have it in quotes because we don’t actually have a garden. We have pots with various plants in them), but it has been a lot of fun. Tonight, we ate our first salad with organic romaine that we grew.


We also spent some time at the pool this weekend. It’s funny because “B” and I never went to the pool prior to having our daughter (not sure why, but we just didn’t). Now that we have her, and she loves the water so much, we’ve been going regularly.

I also made some amazing body wash using my essential oils. I’ll be posting the recipe this week.

Have a great day!