Happy Wednesday! The other day, on my “Simply Essentials with Kristin” Facebook page (if you like learning about oils and would like to be added to the group page, let me know…I’d love to have you!) I featured pictures highlighting how I use my oils in a typical day. I thought it would be fun to share here too!

Wake up:

  • Coffee first with creamer (or I should say creamer with my coffee), then
  • Glass of ice water with either lemon essential oil or grapefruit essential oil (both of these oils contain limonene…which has AMAZING health benefits…go ahead and “Google” it) Smile


*Personally, I don’t recommend ingesting essential oils unless they are from Young Living. A lot of brands contain harmful additives (including formaldehyde). Young Living Essential Oils are completely pure and do not contain any harmful ingredients.

After my workout:

  • Shower using my Lavender Coconut Body Wash & Face Wash (the most amazing and effective face wash I’ve ever used).
  • Before heading out to a play date, I roll diluted Thieves essential oil on “S’s” feet. This helps keep her immune system up (this is something I do year round, but definitely more so during flu/cold season).

IMG_4189FullSizeRender (9)

After our play date & lunch:

  • I clean the kitchen with Thieves Multi-Purpose Home Cleaner. This stuff is definitely one of my absolute favorite products. It can be used on all surfaces, it disinfects, and it’s safe (especially for when you have little hands “helping” clean). You can use this cleaner on mirrors, granite countertops, windows (no streaks), bathrooms, showers, tubs, toilets, tile, floors, carpet, highchairs, and baby toys!


  • I wash my hands about 1,000 times throughout the day using Thieves Foaming Hand Soap. It leaves my hands soft and moisturized (even with washing them so much)!

IMG_4196 (2)

After dinner, it’s bath time for “S”:

  • Homemade Foaming Baby Bath Wash/Shampoo (contains “Peace & Calming” essential oil). “S” has extremely sensitive skin and is prone to severe eczema. I’m pretty sure I’ve used every single natural baby product out there. Some would work for a little while, but then her skin would get irritated (this is one of the main reasons I started using essential oils…I wanted to make my own pure products). Since starting with this soap (about 1 month ago), she hasn’t had skin issues!


  • “Magic Cream” is the perfect compliment to the Baby Wash. We use this after every bath. It contains lavender, frankincense, and tee tree essential oils. Not only is this a great baby cream, but it is a powerful night cream (lavender & frankincense are excellent for youthful skin support…wrinkles, be gone)!


Bedtime for “S”:

  • Diffuse “Peace & Calming” and Cedarwood essential oils. I discovered that “S” doesn’t sleep well when lavender is being diffused. I did some research and learned that some kids are affected by lavender the opposite way it’s supposed to work. Instead of relaxing her and helping her to sleep better, it makes her more alert. Cedarwood is great for promoting relaxation and sound sleep, so I gave that a try and it worked!

FullSizeRender (14)

Shower for me:

  • Same Lavender Coconut Body Wash & Face Wash from this morning.
  • Face toner (contains lavender & tea tree oil)


  • After my toner dries, I add 1 drop of frankincense to my face moisturizer. When I wake up in the morning, my face is super soft and glowing. I LOVE Frankincense!


  • Brush my teeth. I add 1 drop of Orange vitality essential oil to my toothpaste. It is a great teeth whitener!

FullSizeRender (13)

Then, it’s lights out & time to go bed!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the many ways I use my essential oils in a typical day. I do change up my routine and oils a bit, but these are pretty much my “staples”. There are so many more ways that I want to incorporate essential oils into my daily routine. As I continue discovering new ways, I will be sure to keep you posted. Smile