Hi! Welcome to Push-ups and Pigtails! Thanks so much for stopping by!

My name is Kristin. I live in Maryland with my husband (“B”), daughter (“S”), and dog (Roxy). I am a teacher turned stay-at-home mom.

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I decided to create Push-ups and Pigtails as a way to share my love for fitness (hence the name “Push-ups”) and being a mom to a beautiful toddler daughter (hence the name “Pigtails”). You’ll also find me writing a lot about my love for essential oils (and other ways to incorporate more natural/nontoxic products in my life). Basically, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.

Here are some random facts about me:

  • I love using parentheses when I write.
  • I married my best friend.
  • I love to travel (specifically to the Caribbean).
  • We’ve been to 15 Caribbean islands (St. Croix & St. Thomas are my favorites)
  • Although I love to travel, I have a fear of flying.
  • I also have a snake phobia (I refuse to watch the movie “Snakes on a Plane”…two of my fears in one movie..no thank you)
  • I watched a live taping of “The Price Is Right” (FYI, Bob Barker was very unfriendly and quite rude. This crushed everything I ever thought about him when I would watch him as a kid).
  • I am a germaphobe (and wish I wasn’t).
  • My favorite place is the beach with my family.
  • I love to read, but usually fall asleep while reading.
  • I have taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade (1st grade was the most challenging for me).
  • I’m not a good speller and am horrible at grammar (I’m sure you’ll find a lot of grammatical errors on this blog).
  • I obtained a personal training and nutrition certification.
  • I’m so glad you’re reading my blog. 🙂

I hope you enjoy Push-ups and Pigtails! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Disclaimer: Push-Ups and Pigtails is a personal blog created and maintained by Kristin. All views expressed on this blog are based on my own personal research and experiences. For specific health-related questions, please consult your doctor.